Enhanced Situational Awareness We offer enhanced situational awareness by identifying potential threats with state-of-the-art facial recognition and patent-pending, shared persons of interest database technologies
  • Private database of profiles of threatening persons of interest (POIs)

  • Create opportunities for positive responses to potential interactions with threatening POIs

  • Private database of profiles of high-value customers and VIPs

  • Create opportunities for managed, favorable, initial interactions with high-value customers

  • State-of-the-art, accurate facial recognition

  • Scalable and secure

  • Accessibility anywhere on any device

  • Easy to use and deploy

  • Instant notification / mass alerting


Enhanced Situational Awareness Made Easy


redlyst’s integrated platform creates a straightforward six step process allowing Users to profile, monitor, identify and respond to threatening persons of interest. Enhanced situational awareness is made easy with redlyst


Easy to Use Dashboards


redlyst dashboards are highly configurable to allows the POI administrator to manage all aspects of a Owner’s database

  • Individual profiles

  • Accessible database of all POIs

  • Multiple category lists

    • Threat level

    • Geography

    • Other


Facial Recognition


  • With support from facial recognition technology, security camera systems, edge computing, and deployed mobile access, redlyst gives clients a simple and seamless enhanced situational awareness

  • redlyst’s mobile facial recognition platform and POI database are deployable anywhere on any smartphone device

  • redlyst’s static camera systems require minimal installation experience and installs in minutes


Coordinated Response

In real-time, within redlyst, update each internal team member and share specified data with outside parties

  • Facial recognition hit / location

  • POI profile

  • Threat level

  • Updated POI activity

  • Team communication


Shared POI Databases

Increased security is derived from enhanced situational awareness of other Users’ POIs

  • redlyst’s patent-pending technology allows for the sharing of all or substantially all of the POI  records of one User with the database of another User

  • Within redlyst, each User must take an affirmative action in order to share her/his/its POI records

  • Shared records are designed to only provide limited meta-data once a facial recognition hit is confirmed

Control the timing, control the chaos, control the outcome.
— John W.



redlyst facial recognition technology provides automatic, immediate, actionable intelligence to security and customer service personnel across a wide variety of applications




redlyst's fully integrated platform offers clear advantages to individuals, companies and organizations seeking an immediately deployable solution to enhance their situational awareness 



Patrick D.


Patrick brings three decades of experience in entrepreneurship, mergers & acquisitions and private equity.  He has predominantly invested in growth stage companies which have been sold to private equity firms or globally leading technology companies.  His firm was the initial investor in Asymmetric Solutions.

John W.


John is the founder of Asymmetric Solutions. A global reach private military services company that provides outsourced training, security services and research and development to governments and the private sector. Asymmetric Solutions employs over 140 former special operations personnel and has over 25,000 acres of state of the art training facilities.

John D.

Technical Advisor

John is the Chief Technology Officer of redlyst’s partner Coolfire Solutions, Inc.  He brings over two decades of development leadership in situational awareness software development and hardware integration.  His focus is on system design and platform effectiveness.  

Michael B.

Technical Advisor

Michael is the Principal Architect & Engineer of redlyst’s partner Coolfire Solutions, Inc.  He brings nearly two decades of software and systems development.  He and John D. are the primary developers of the Coolfire Solutions’ Ronin technology platform    


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